Save Money and Headaches with an Annual Service Plan from LBA.

At LBA, we offer annual service plans that can include your HVAC systems, refrigeration equipment, indoor air quality systems, plumbing, or any combination of these.

The essence of an LBA commercial service plan is to help keep your equipment in top working order, nd that’s achieved through annual system tune-ups and inspections.  These, in turn, leads to:

  • Longer equipment lifespan
  • Fewer and less costly repairs
  • Cleaner indoor air
  • Added safety
  • Lower utility costs

And yet, scheduled maintenance is just ONE reason to enroll.

Check out these additional plan benefits:

  • Each plan custom developed to meet your exact needs
  • 10% savings on repairs
  • Savings on all new installations
  • Detailed reports on equipment condition & performance
  • No dispatch fee
  • Priority scheduling

Contact LBA today to request a free custom proposal for your own commercial service plan.  And rid yourself of a major building management concern.