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Dorothy said it best: “there’s no place like home.” When everything is working as it should, your Kansas City home is a place where you can relax and be comfortable. There are many elements that go into creating the place you call home, and while you may not think often of your drain pipes, they play a vital role in your life. LBA’s passion for your home comfort drives us to provide expert drain pipe repairs to our Kansas City customers. We get your plumbing system working again quickly to ease your stress so you can get back to enjoying the comforts of home.

What are the most common reasons our customers need drain pipe repairs?

  • Drain Clogs – Clogs can be caused by a build up of grease, hair, dirt and many other substances that we attempt to wash down the drain. LBA offers hydro-jetting to remove stubborn clogs.
  • Drain Leaks – Leaks often occur at the weakest areas, which are the pipe connections and joints. Our plumbers repair these areas thoroughly to avoid future leaks.
  • Drainage Slope Problems – Drains depend on gravity, so if you have a slope problem then you may be experiencing slow drains and backups. We can reposition or repipe your draining system to alleviate this problem.

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If your drains are backing up or leaking, call LBA at 913-268-6822. Our expert plumbers will complete your drain pipe repairs quickly and completely to get your plumbing system functioning properly again.

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Why Choose LBA for your Kansas City Drain Pipe Repairs?

When an LBA team member tells you that “I am LBA” they are communicating their personal commitment to serving you, to their pursuit of excellence and to living LBA’s core values.

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The highly qualified LBA team members are here to ensure your complete satisfaction, safety and comfort. LBA provides custom drain cleaning solutions for any situation. Come experience the LBA difference and let us exceed your expectations.

Our diversity, industry experience and technical expertise sets LBA apart. At LBA we demonstrate our values through our actions. We listen and provide you with options that will meet your comfort, lifestyle and financial needs. With LBA you’re in control. We treat your family and home with the utmost respect. Don’t take our word for it come experience the LBA difference.

LBA is passionate about delivering exceptional service to thousands of Kansas City homeowners for more than three decades. LBA customers receive the highest level of service they truly deserve as demonstrated from our Better Business Bureau, A+ rating to our thousands of five-star reviews.

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