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When your plumbing system functions properly, you think very little about it. However, if your Kansas City area home has old, failing plumbing pipes, then repairs and water damage can disrupt your home and add stress to your routine. LBA plumbers put an end to the stress and worry with expert plumbing repipe services. Our passion for your home comfort drives us to offer exceptional service to create a reliable, worry-free repiped plumbing system.

Do you have questions about repiping? Here are some plumbing repipe FAQs and answers from the LBA experts:

Why is my water leaving brown stains in my sinks and tubs? You may have galvanized pipes. When these pipes age and erode, their zinc linings can contaminate your water and need to be replaced.

What types of repipe materials does LBA recommend? Our plumbers install both copper piping or PEX, which is crosslinked polyethylene piping. Our soldering materials are lead-free for your safety.

How do I know if I need repiping services? LBA plumbers will evaluate your entire plumbing system, from supply pipes to drainage systems, and look for signs of weakness, extreme wear and tear and erosion. We inspect your plumbing pipe linings with a special plumbing inspection camera.

What can I expect during a plumbing repipe project? LBA plumbers remove your old pipes while carefully protecting your home from any necessary demolition. We install your new plumbing pipes as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to your home and routine. When your repipe project is complete, we warranty our work so you will be assured of a well functioning, worry-free plumbing system for many years to come.

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The highly qualified LBA team members are here to ensure your complete satisfaction, safety and comfort. LBA provides custom drain cleaning solutions for any situation. Come experience the LBA difference and let us exceed your expectations.

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