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How Does a Battery Backup Sump Pump Work?

A sump pump is a device that alleviates basement flooding by collecting water in a sump basin and pushing it out of the house. It comes in either a pedestal or submersible version, the former being easier to service and the latter more easily hidden.

A battery backup sump pump does the job of a sump pump when there is no power to operate the primary one. It is not used on its own. It is responsible for draining when there is no power available.

The battery backup sump pump is an entirely separate pump from the primary one. It automatically starts working if the primary pump fails for any reason. There are many events where this feature comes in handy. This includes:

  • Power Shortage – In a flooding event, this is a likely scenario.
  • Main Pump Breaks Down – If the main sump pump fails, but the power is still on, the backup can help out until you are able to get a replacement.
  • Main Pump Gets Overwhelmed – This is a case where they are both working together because the main pump cannot keep up with heavy flooding.

The main purpose of a battery backup sump pump is to have full defense against flooding. In addition to its main functions, it comes with a control box that turns on once a month to test that it is operational. If the pump fails its test, the box alerts you will a loud alarm. Additionally, you will receive an alert if the power goes out or the battery needs replacing. There are even high tech features that allow communication directly to your cell phone. Because of these considerations, you never have to worry that the battery backup sump pump needs any kind of backup itself.

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