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Case Studies (Ductless)

Case #1: Renovating? How a Ductless System Saved the Day

A major renovation will take away the heating and cooling ducts for their master bedroom.

“We have a wall in our living room that houses the duct work for our master bedroom. We plan on remodeling the basement to become open concept. A ductless mini-split was the best solution.” -Sarah G.

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Case #2: Ductless Solution in Brookside Neighborhood

Triple-digit temperatures had just hit our Kansas City area, and some forced-air solutions could not keep up.

“The highlight of LBA is that they are more customer serviced focused over any other, and they are consistent with their quality of service.”

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Case #3: Brookside Home Solution to Hot and Cold Spots

Summer is coming in hot, and soon the days of the A/C off and windows open will end.

“Our neighbor just had theirs installed, and we wanted to also have a non-intrusive heating and cooling system for our 1920s home.”

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Case #4: Hot-Spot Solution in Plaza Neighborhood

Forced air can barely keep up in this summer heat. It seems to run day and night, and some rooms of the house are still hot.

“A ductless mini-split was the easy choice for our older home. It is non-intrusive, less ‘apendages’ on our home and cheaper in the long run.”

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