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Ductless Systems

Ductless System versus Putting in Ducts

Usually the ductless system is used because there is no ducting at all. You could choose to add new air ducts, but that could require remodeling and tearing into ceilings and walls, which could be costly.

In some homes, no room even exists inside ceilings and walls to place new ductwork. In these instances, a ductless system is perfect.

But even rooms with ducts are sometimes difficult to heat or cool, which forces the HVAC system to work harder to get the room to a specific temperature. A ductless system eliminates the need for an overworked system. It also allows you to “cut off” a section of your home so that the existing system can more efficiently heat and cool the rest of the home. This provides substantial energy savings.

Finally, dirty air ducts distribute dust, particles and other materials throughout your home. Using a ductless system in a room eliminates these contaminants from the air in that room.

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