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Tuneup & Safety

Will an AC and Furnace Tune-Up and Safety Check Work For Me?

A tune-up and safety check is never a “Do it yourself” kind of chore. Would you use a medical website to self diagnose a health issue and prescribe yourself a course of treatment?

Just like your own health, maintaining your HVAC system should also be left to the professionals who know how your system is supposed to operate.

A simple annual maintenance prevents thousands of dollars in repair costs and keeps your system from malfunctioning on the hottest day of summer or coldest day of winter.

A safety check is even more critical! Why? Consider a recent CDC study that found from 2001 to 2003, an estimated 15,200 people were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning.

A proper tune-up and safety check from a professional ensures your system:

  • Will last throughout its full life expectancy
  • Avoids sudden, expensive breakdowns
  • Is ready for peak season
  • Operates safely
  • Heats and cools at peak efficiency
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